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You are what you eat!

I have to admit I have never really followed the “you are what you eat” culture… I mean I am quite partial to a Burger King once or twice a year but I’m not going to turn into a 3 Pepper Angus burger now am I?

And before you say it, I do know this isn’t a literal saying lol.

But, there is sense to it, if you put grease and fat into your body, not only will it wreak havoc on your insides its going to come out, whether in the form of fat or in some cases a poor complexion.

I know that when I am on weight watchers and cooking a fresh recipe every night I certainly feel and look 100% better and  feel way more energised.

So I thought I would put here a list of foods that do GOOD for your body,brain and skin.

Blueberries: An immune boosting food to help fend off those colds, they are also rich in Antioxidents which is great for your skin! Also new research shows that they can help with short term memory loss so go on, have a binge!

Brocoli: My favourite vegetable!! Rich in Vitamin C, E and Iron!

Carrots: Carrots are known to boost your immune system and if the old wives tale is true, they’re great for seeing in the dark.

Brazil Nuts: Personally I dont like these but I know alot of people do so this is what they do. If you eat 4 a day they will deliver you your recommended daily amount of selenium. Selenium helps protect against skin cancer, sun damage and age spots. They also contain Vitamin B & E. You can eat 4 nuts for a Pro Points Value of 2.

Garlic: This awesome spice/veg whatever you want to call it not only tastes great but it also; strengthens the heart and blood, keeps vampires away and is thought to help lower blood pressure! Sadly it doesn’t do so great for your breath. Another positive is both garlic and onions contain sulphur which help to keep your skin smooth.

Cranberries: These little beauties can be abit sour so I tend to drink the juice and I also make an awesome Raspberry & Cranberry smoothie I will post another day. They are known to help us ladies to prevent or treat urinary infections, especially cystitis. They are also high in antioxidants and are thought to help with aging of the skin.

Ginger: I love Ginger, its fab in biscuits, puddings, drinks and main meals!! It also stimulates the immune system, circulation and can also help with sea sickness and general nausea.

Wholegrain Foods: I tend to not eat these as I find them a little gritty in texture (probably just me, im abit weird) but did you know they can help with memory loss?? They contain folic acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 which are proven to help with information recall. This isnt just pasta extra it can be cereal that contain wholegrain.

Oily Fish: The omega-3 found in oily fish is amazing for your skin, hair and bones. If you believe the “skin gurus” they say that it can help to slow and even reverse signs of ageing. It also helps to keep our hearts and minds healthy. If like me you dont really like fish, try walnut oil or linseed oil for cooking!! ALSO if you want to keep it light, I would recommend buying an oil pump sprayer… Just pump it up and it will spray a very fine mist of oil out, just like your standard low fat cooking spray.

For example, you can buy one here:

Either way, next time you have vegetables take this into consideration! Do not expect an overnight miracle though it takes 6 weeks for your skin to renew so be patient.

Hope you find this interesting.

Sarah xx


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  1. Keeps vampires away – lmao!
    I found wholegrain pasta gritty too which is a shame as it keeps me from doing the healthy and filling day.


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