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I am still alive and kicking…

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Afternoon my lovely followers!!

For anybody that has starting following since my fridge disaster I am now back and will be posting again as of this evening 🙂 so you havent wasted your time 🙂

For anybody that is still here from before 🙂 Hi again!

Since I last spoke I have lost – 4lb and hit my 10% which I am quite pleased again, I still have another 8lb to go before I see my friend on the 27th and I am starting to think I might not do it… But I have been extra good this last week and plan to be extremely strict, even if I don’t get to it, the closer I get the better 🙂

I havent been swimming in around 3-4 weeks and on Monday evening I went to an aqua-fit class with my sister, which I enjoyed very much. If anybody has a local class go and have a go its brilliant! So before I went out  I put on my swimming costume (so I don’t have to get changed there) and peered into the mirror. As I looked at myself in the mirror I actually heard myself murmur “Wow” under my breath. This certainly wasnt wow I look gorgeous, but was more like wow I actually have a figure again! I couldn’t believe how much my figure has changed in 3-4 weeks. My gosh I love this plan! When I weighed in my first week and the scales told me I was 14st I thought that 12st 8lb (what I am now) would be ages off, certainly not 9 weeks away.

Tomorrow will be my 10th weigh in and I am quite looking forward to seeing what the scales say. I am hoping that they are in a good mood!

Currently as I type we have 3 fridge/freezers in our house, it has been like this for quite a while with 4-5 people living here most of the time the freezers get quite a bashing lol! And usually the fridge part of the appliance gets ignored. We have our GIANT one in the kitchen which I can’t even reach the top of and 2 more in our utility type room upstairs. So since our fridge disaster (with the one I use upstairs) we decided it was time to cut back on the freezer stuff and get down to – our giant fridge and we plan to buy a large upright freezer.

I am no electrical genius but my feeling is that 1 fridge freezer and 1 freezer will cost less to run than 3 fridge freezers. We will see I guess 🙂

So in the last 2 weeks after our fridge disaster we have just been eating as much out of the freezers as we can so that we can start getting rid of some of our appliances slowly until we buy our upright freezer.

It is also fair to say that if I had to eat freezer food for another single day I would actually scream. As you all know I love to cook everything from fresh and from scratch so this has been getting to me majorly but had to be done!

After trawling round various supermarkets today I now have a jam-packed full fridge and cant wait to get back to some real food. For tea this evening we are having – Creamy Pasta With Peas & Asparagus – so keep an eye out for the recipe this evening!

I hope you have all enjoyed the start of the new season and don’t forget to use what foods are in season right now 🙂

Sarah xx


About Sarah xx

I am a food loving 22 year old on a mission to share recipes and lose weight doing it!

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  1. congrats on the weight loss and keep up the good work with the posts. I’m struggling at the moment and it’s good to have different (low point) food to try.

  2. Hi glad to see you’ve got stuff sorted. I’ve started alot of seeds off in my new greenhouse i got off my hubby for christmas so cant wait to start reaping the benifits, planted things from early potatoes to sprouts, even planted garlic loads of lovely herbs, beans, toms and even put bedding plants in for baskets, so got a very busy summer ahead of me. Look forward to your next recipes gives me loads of ideas for things.

    Keep up the goooooood weight loss

    Paula xxx


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